This year I decided to do to Lara Casey’s power sheets for the very first time. If you are like me, you struggle the goals and New Years resolutions. It’s not that I struggle to keep them, it’s that I actually don't really like setting them in the first place. 

Goals have never felt honest or authentic to me but rather I’ve always felt to this pressure to write down things like “work out more” and eat healthier and while those things are good they are actually true to me or true the things I desire deep down. Rather, than taking time to evaluate the ups and downs of the previous year and really dive into what I want out my year I’ve only jotted a few things down that seem right. 

Well, 2018 is going to be different. Last December, a friend posted on IG that she was hosting a Powersheet Prep Party. A what? I inquired most because I was curious and it sounded fun even though I don’t I did not know a ton about Power Sheets. I had the chance to meet Lara Casey and her team once and knew it would be great but I hesitated not knowing if power sheets were worth it! I asked her if I could come (even though I had not purchased them) She took me up on the offer! 

That morning at her house was perfect. We sat around her kitchen table as we discussed what our year could look like if we choose to live intentionally and actually written down and put into practice the things that we would like to happen. 

We talked through the prep work and voila! I’ve been doing the Powersheets since January and so far it is has been so helpful to keep me on course. I am actually making progress on my goals. They are small but little by little things are getting gone! 



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