Above are just a few of the amazing baby products we used over the past couple of years. Baby products can be super overwhelming because there are so many products out on the market these days. If you are still researching or currently working on your baby registry these are a few of the products we found most helpful. 

1. Nosefrida: This is a lifesaver for cold and getting all the nasty boogers out. IMO it worked way better than the green bulb. 

2. DocATot: An invest we chose to make 2 months in. Shiloh slept in it for the 1st 9 months and it really helps calm and smooth her in those early months when we baby (and momma) need sleep. 

3. SwaddleMe Velcro: These worked so much better for us than the muslin blankets and they are much easier to manage for diaper changes in the middle of the night. ZZZz. 

4. Pottery Barn Tote: Best little everyday tote bag. Perfect for playdates, overnight trips, and mother's day out. 

5. Anais and Aden Sleep Sac: These were a perfect solution for us after our LO got too big to be swaddles. She nows loves sleeping in these for every nap and night time sleep. 

6. Onesies: Our uniform for the first 4 months. The sleeve caps are great for baby nails that like to scratch mama while eating. 

7. Natursutten: 100% organic rubber paci - this we perfect for us in the beginning but we did eventually switch over to Tommee Tippee pacis 

8. Shea Moisture Baby: We've used this wash and lotion from birth. It's safe and smells so yummy!

9. Solly Baby Wrap: A lifesaver in those beginning months when baby needs to be close but you also need 2 hands. 

10. Infant Optics Monitor: We chose to go with this monitor mostly because it had SO many positive reviews on Amazon. It's doesn't have too many bells and whistles but it's been great for us so far. It has a long range and the battery lasts a long time. 

11. Fawn Bag: Loved this bag but I'll be honest... once it is loaded up, it is really heavy! 

12. Dohm Sound Machine: Love, love, love this sound machine. This has been a lifesaver. 

13. Humidifier: I must for babies when they get runny noses and colds!